General Terms:    Use of our historic building is limited to members of the North Sea Community Association in good standing. In addition to being current on membership dues, the member must make an additional contribution to the upkeep, utility expense and general maintenance of the building, provide a damage deposit and obtain temporary insurance applicable to their use of the building. Members may obtain the required insurance through their insurance broker or at _________________________. A copy of the binder must be provided to the Association in advance. The damage deposit will be returned to the Member upon determination that the Community House was left in clean, undamaged condition.


The amount of the contribution to the maintenance fund will be determined based upon the type and duration of the proposed use. The North Sea Community Association reserves the right to deny a request to use the building or premises at its sole discretion. It is prohibited to reserve the building and/or premises for the use of anyone other than the Member. The Member must be present during the authorized period of use.


Conditions of Use:  The Property must be vacated by 11:00 pm.  Loud music is prohibited. As this is an historic building and a resource for the entire community, decoration must be limited. Do not put nails, staples, straps, tacks or the like into the walls. Light tapes are permitted provided the paint in not removed. You may also use the strips affixed to the walls. Do not in any event remove Community House items from the walls. The Member is responsible for all clean up after the event. If building and/or grounds are not cleaned and all garbage removed, a FIFTY DOLLAR PER HOUR cleaning fee and a garbage removal fee will be imposed. 


Alcohol may not be served unless the proper permit has been obtained. In the event that you intend to provide adult beverages, a Liquor License MUST be obtained from the NYS License Center at This can be done 15 days prior to your event but should be applied for at least 30 days in advance to insure your compliance with the requirement. A copy of the license must be provided to the Community Association.